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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

1. "I like this town a lot, Emilio, thank you!"
"You're welcome, it does what it can"
2. "Everyone's so nice in the neighborhood, specially that nice old man, the owner of the grocery store"
3. "I like his bald head. It's cute."
4. "Would you shave your head if I asked you?"
5. "If we both get H.I.V. tested so we can do it without a condom, of course!"
6. "Me and my big mouth"

This one was my first bi-lingual (now tri-lingual) strip. I assumed every spanish-speaking person can understand a little bit of italian, so I just threw some italian right there. It was a short-term relationship indeed, but our beloved italian girl managed to know Cacao's town, which I don't know where it is, exactly. Let's name it Tacna and everybody's OK with that.
Special thanks to Brunella Moracci.
Smoking and waiting. May 7th, 2004. This was a small tribute to a good friend of mine, and very beautiful too. Laura Cancedda, from Genoa, Italy. Even though sometimes she reminded me of Cleopatra, I decided to stir a little bit of jealousy in here.

1: "What are you doing there so by yourself?"
"Me? waiting for someone"
2. "Someone? Do I know that someone?"
"No, you don't know her."
3. "Her? so It's a girl you haven't introduced me to."
"No. She just arrived from Ita..."
4. "Hi, Beautiful Emilio!"
5. "Gotta go, Cleo. If not, we will be late!"
6. "He ain't beautiful. He's Cacao."

I tried to make Mañuco a mix of Miguelito Barraza and John Lennon losing it at Shea Stadium.

This one was probably the first one I posted in the Bay Area... but I'm not quite sure.

The last strip I posted from Lima, Perú. I left the country in September, 2000 and I ended up here in California.

Here I try to put Cacao in a political side of the spectrum. Pro-Fujimori. It didn't last more than 4 months, though.

Esta chica francesa apareció sólo una vez (aquí) y no la volví a poner por alguna razón en ninguna historia. Una francesa lesbiana de pelo corto capaz de darle un dolor de estómago a Cleopatra sólo se pone una vez.

Loco Disco would have had a heart attack if that was the only copy of Put Me In Your Mix by Barry White (1991).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This was a love letter to a certain girl I never was able to start a relationship with, even tho she and I are very good friends until now. I was not being ironic nor hopless romantic. We were facing the future of relationships based on money and economic status (in order to make more money, you have to have a career and some kind of degree, where the girl and Cacao are trying to get)

This one was a salute to myself for my first year on the web and also a love poem to

In a perfect world, all women would be beautiful like Cleo and Fafi. In a perfect world, they wouldn't be annoying and complicated. But this isn't a perfect world, and Cacao's universe isn't either. One hundred dollars is a lot of money, still is!

Can you imagine going to the airport to pick up your sister after a paid two month vacation, while you are strugglin' with money while you search for a job? What kind of bitch has a job that gives her two months of vacation?

I was making fun of the security measures in an airport, and this was before 9/11! I put the characters walking next to big, beautiful and noisy airplanes with no security at all. Wouldn't that be beautiful? To be able to walk free around these airplanes and not to worry about terrorists or annoying security measures, not to say plane tickets? Yep, this strip was drawn before 9/11.

Parallel Universe:

Perpendicular Universe:

Two different versions of the same story. In this one I introduce Don Firulo, owner of a grocery store that never never stops, even when times are bad.
In a parallel universe...

Even I don't get this one.

I drew this one on a notebook while I was chatting with my friend Bambino at his office in Tacna, Peru, one day after Tacna's 70th anniversary of its re-incorporation to Peru (Tacna spent 50 years under Chilean occupancy.)

This was my opportunity to introduce a character I didn't think it would work at the beginning, so I went back in time in 1999 and presented Silvia, Emilio's sister. Silvia has the kind of life everybody else would like to have: she travels all over the world for work and seems to love it. She gets paid for travelling. Don't you just hate her?