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Monday, December 31, 2001


Artes Marciales!

No Soy Tu Novio, Mi Amor

Tirar el Poemario de Béquer a la Basura

Monday, August 20, 2001

Javier (8/20/01): A personal analysis on "Tomorrow’s Girls"

"Tomorrow’s Girls" is, in my very personal point of view, a lament of growing older and fighting against time. I’m gonna tell it like it happened to me:

In 1993, the same year that Kamakiriad was released, I turned 20. It was kinda shocking for me to find that I wasn’t 19 anymore –My first approach to Steely Dan was buying Decade On december 31st, 1992- and Life in my twenties was about to begin. Me and my friends, all of us surrounding the second decade, started dating younger girls. Way younger girls than us. We called them the brats (chibolas in peruvian slang). Beautiful girls with pimples and braces, going from 13 to 14 and from 14 to 15. We, old guys approaching the twenties, dating nymphs for getting ourselves the juices of eternal youth.

In November 1993 I bought Kamakiriad and "Tomorrow’s Girls" was the right soundtrack for those moments I was living: Dating these little young brats, hiding ourselves from our other friends ("Are you going out with them? Are they getting drunk with you guys? Shame on you!!!") and, most of all, feeling good, free, and with the feeling of doing something wrong that tasted right. The girls of tomorrow, the girls that are not ready yet, but you are having a good time next to them.

In 1994, I don’t know if you can remember, there was a big suicidal wave all over the world. One week before Kurt Cobain shot himself to death, a famous peruvian model was found death in her bathroom with a bullet-wound that crossed her brain. She was 21 and one of the most famous, rich and beautiful models. She also hosted a children’s TV show. Kids loved her, and also their fathers did. The main reason she decided to kill herself was the lack of confidence and security about her body. She was amazingly hot, but she felt she was growing older, she was not a "Tomorrow’s Girl" anymore. Cobain killed himself because of the angry of being young, not being able to stop time. It was the same principle. We get tired of being young and grow older.
One month before (March 1994), My uncle suddenly lefts his wife for a more young girl. He was 45, she was 19. My aunt was 42, and still good-looking and intelligent; but my uncle prefeered the young blood. Young girls give us old guys a very nice sense of passion for life. We feel winners, specially when these young girls don’t care if we have money or not. They like us because we’re clever, and why not, cute!

These close four stories can be related to one song: "Tomorrow’s Girls". When we found ourselves caught by society and morality about our pedophile acts, we create science fiction stories.

They’re from outer space! We have no defense against them! But I don’t care, I’m gonna wait for one of them at Lantern time. Girls of our age -our wives and girlfriends- can't do anything to stop them, because It's impossible to fight these brats! They have to go back in time!

So, that's my personal approach to that great song, probably the best song of the nineties.


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