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Here at CacaoRock we have been translating technical papers, accounting and financial texts, software, immigration certificates, adoption letters, books, movie scripts and official foreign documents for a long time. We even worked translating documents for the military and creating movie subtitles! What is so special about our English to Spanish translations? Our localization skills. Besides our accuracy, we are able to apply to these translations the neutralism of standard Spanish or specific Spanish-speaking countries. For more information about our rates, our previous work experience and how can we help you, contact us via email at or visit our profile page.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've been translating songs, technical documents, books, movie scripts and even official foreign certificates for a while: since 1993. I even worked translating documents for the military and I have also subtitled movies!

What is so special about my English to Spanish translations? Besides my accuracy, I can apply the neutralism of standard Spanish or specific Spanish-speaking countries. I have translated to Spain's Spanish and also to Peruvian, Chilean and Argentinean. When I translate from English to Spanish I am very accurate and I proofread my work until I get a good sense of what's been said, according to who's going to read it and the context of the document. For more information about my rates and delivery dates, please contact me at

And feel free to visit my profile page at:

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Anonymous said...

I know that you are a very good translator. I always thought that if I ever publish a book in Spanish, I'll choose you as the main translator.


Javier Moreno-Pollarolo said...

Thank you JL!

Anonymous said...

"Javier was an absolute professional in his translation of my feature film, ‘X’s & O’s’, in Spanish. What impressed me most about his translation was his understanding of subtext and double meaning. Javier met with me after watching the film with an impeccable list of notes. We discussed literal and figurative translations, colloquialisms, dialogue, and pop culture references. He explained to me what would translate accurately and what translations would require some finessing. In his final translation, which was timed immaculately, he included footnotes explaining any and all variations from the original script. His Spanish translation was delivered in a very timely manner and at a very reasonable price. It is obvious that Javier enjoys and appreciates cinema, and that he understands that his translation will be “the voice” of the film for its Spanish audience. He took in to account the differences in characters, their dialogue, and their motivations. The uniqueness of each character was not lost in his translation. Each character is distinct in his translation. ‘X’s & O’s’ includes moments of broad comedy, subtle humor, and drama, sometimes all within one particular scene. Javier had no issues working with and transitioning from those elements. I would not hesitate to work with Javier again. In fact, I am hoping we have a chance to collaborate again on another project in the near future."

- Kedar Korde, writer/director of X’s & O’s

Anonymous said...

I have used [Javier's] translation service more than once and it has always been accurate, affordable and very timely.

I found Javier to be very knowledgeable in the languages we needed, even the subtle differences between some countries shared language.

He was honest and trusting in his dealings, working very quickly to deliver my documents even before I provided payment. One of my needs was translation of immigration documents to bring a family member from Latin America to the USA and this was just recently approved! I have been able to give my translated documents to both the USA government and foreign governments and all were accepted the first time and never denied or asked for any clarification.


Mike Lonero