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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The following article appeared on the San Francisco Chronicle on February 2nd, 2009. One day before the 50th anniversary of the "Day The Music Died." In order to preserve the authenticity of the article and the collaborators' input, I will continue with my picks at the bottom.

Javier Moreno, www.cacaorock.com
The Record Store: Rasputin Music in Berkeley (2401 Telegraph Ave., http://www.rasputinmusic.com)

Grace Jones, "Living My Life" ($2.95) her voice, as her beauty, requires an acquired taste. But this Jamaican-born model/actress/singer/icon can really make you dance if you let her convince you. She will do it anyway.

Chick Corea, "My Spanish Heart" ($5.95) As Chick himself explains on the liner notes, a "recent" trip to Spain made him discover his Latin-spanish roots. Chick is from Italian descent, but the Iberic flavor is here.

Kid Creole And The Coconuts, "Off The Coast Of Me" ($2.95) A great finding considering this album is very hard to get and it's their debut. August Darnell's band weren't just a dance act for nightclubs, but actually they created a genre known as "Mutant Disco" -latin percussion blended into disco beats- that ruled European dancefloors in the eighties and evolved into house music. Darnell's your daddy.

Stan Getz, "Another World" ($5.95) Another out-of-print gem from the outstanding saxophonist's catalog (the others include "Children Of The World"). In this double album Getz connects his sax to an echo-plex and teams up with young musicians like Andy Laverne on piano to play acid fusion.

Wings, "Goodnight Tonight (Don't Say It)" [12" Extended Single] ($1.95) Paul McCartney's second band's last single, ten years after the release of the "Let It Be" song. This Maxi single is great for discotheques that rely on the smooth and conforting beats of the past. Macca never played the bass so well on a riff this tight. If you think this one is the best Paul McCartney song he ever recorded without the Beatles, you're not alone. 

Thomas Dolby, "Hyper-Active"  ($1.00) a 12" single off the Flat Earth album. Dolby sped up the tapes and added a sense of desperation in this song that will make us thing of the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic." But this one is so much punchier! And it's an unfairly underrated and forgotten New Wave dance number.

Lenny Zakatek, "Lenny Zakatek" ($1.00) maybe the greatest bargain I ever found on a record store, since it's an out-of-print, hard to find record never released on CD featuring Alan Parsons Project's great lead vocalist. Parsons himself produced this album.


Javier Lishner said...

Hola Cacao:

Recién me entero por tu blog que Diana y Jorge habían nacido el mismo año. Creo que nunca conocí a otras personas que fueran más fans de Elvis que ellos dos.

Ahora puedo sacar mi cuenta de que cuando Elvis comenzaba su ascendente carrera, ambos tendrían unos diez años de edad. Por coincidencia, la misma que yo tuve cuando comencé con esta locura de la música. Años más tarde, por supuesto.

Un abrazo,


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