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Monday, December 29, 2008

CacaoRock offers now the Vinyl to MP3/CD conversion service for you to keep the music you love and make it portable.

Our business was just launched this december 2008 and we are converting out of print and rare vinyl into MP3 and CD. We can work on your favorite vinyl and we can even remove the scratches in the final sound.

We work with out of print albums and rare, hard to find music. For instance that beautiful Rachmaninoff performance by Michael Pletnev,

the exciting disco mix of that Night at Studio 54,

or the songs that made it to the San Remo festival of 1972:

You have to hear it to believe it. The following is a good example of our work is this song, "More Than I Can Bear" by Matt Bianco. The CD version features just Matt Reilly's vocals, and the version with Basia's amazing and soothing vocals is available only on vinyl. The song was restored from LP to a WAV file, cleaned of scratches, normalized and then converted to a 320Kbps MP3 file:

Like what you hear? We can keep your beloved music digitized and portable for you. Please contact Javier Moreno at for more information about shipping vinyls, payment and more information.
And remember, Vinyl rules!


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