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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pilot: Never believe it's not so...

YouTube is like the ocean. Thousands of terabytes of information go back and forth, uploaded, downloaded, traded, commented and becoming in some cases extremely popular. When it first appeared in 2005 I thought I was in heaven, watching videos I haven't seen in years and discovering new ones. For new ones we have the usual channels. This website is about the old, the forgotten, the good old music you thought you wouldn't hear or you might consider giving a shot. Therefore, here's the first volume of personal selections from the vast ocean of videos that Youtube is.

Volume I: The music videos dusted by CacaoRock.

Special thanks to all the guys and girls who posted these beauties. A raspberry to MTV/Viacom, NBC, Warner and all those big companies who force YouTube to remove these videos because of copyright infrigment. Hey, the video quaility is so poor it shouldn't be considered a "copy"! Anyway, it's a nice way to go back in time.

Let's start with Red Rider, a band led by Tom "Life Is A Highway" Cochrane. "Lunatic Fringe," I know you're out there:

To be a kid and to be in love. To be travelling through the cosmos in a spaceship! Robin Gibb knew about the average teenage guy's emotions in this song called "Boys Do Fall In Love." If you weren't a kid in the 80's, you wouldn't understand.

Rocky Burnette, son of Johnny, precursor of the Kid Rock lookalike, singing an extremy catchy tune, "Tired of Toein' The line."

And of course, Pilot performing "Magic" on Top of The Pops, 1974. There was a time when TV showed really good music, not "reality:"

You've seen the videos. Now get the music.


Javier Lishner said...

Muy buena selección de videos. El de Red Rider me sacó de cuadro por un momento pues la tenía en la parte posterior de la cabeza. La de Rocky Burnette me hizo recordar mis comienzos en la radio; la de Robin Gibb, mi paso por la Radio Más; y, la de Pilot, la carátula de ese álbum que -en su época- fue comparada a la del Trilogy de Emerson, Lake & Palmer.



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