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Monday, May 19, 2008

1. "I like this town a lot, Emilio, thank you!"
"You're welcome, it does what it can"
2. "Everyone's so nice in the neighborhood, specially that nice old man, the owner of the grocery store"
3. "I like his bald head. It's cute."
4. "Would you shave your head if I asked you?"
5. "If we both get H.I.V. tested so we can do it without a condom, of course!"
6. "Me and my big mouth"

This one was my first bi-lingual (now tri-lingual) strip. I assumed every spanish-speaking person can understand a little bit of italian, so I just threw some italian right there. It was a short-term relationship indeed, but our beloved italian girl managed to know Cacao's town, which I don't know where it is, exactly. Let's name it Tacna and everybody's OK with that.
Special thanks to Brunella Moracci.