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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not exactly the Purple Chick. But then again, do we know who she really is? In the photo, Sylvie Vartan with John and Paul.

Everything by The Beatles - The Purple Chick Deluxe Collection
(Purple Chick, 2008)

Good, very good, excellent, classical news: Someone has uploaded a bunch of Beatles' original master tracks, featuring bonus tracks, sessions, takes, mistakes and lots of surprises.

This collection, fortunately, completely wipes off the earth the fact that the 1987 EMI CDs and their poor sound quality are the best way to enjoy the Beatles music. Bullshit! Let's give thanks to Purple Chick who's been remastering the discs and, hey, they sound amazingly good. You will require a lot of patience, a FLAC decoder and a CD burner (please, don't convert them into MP3 files, burn them into CDs as WAV files so you can really enjoy them).

Your ears will thank you! And you'll re-discover the Beatles in the way they meant to be: on Monoaural, on Vinyl, louder, meaner and faster than the CD masters!

Honestly, I think this is coming right from the Beatles themselves, who are already tired of having EMI lazing around with the upgrades. This definetly has the hand of Paul McCartney and the approval of Ringo Starr. I found about this on Rolling Stone!

From Rolling Stone #1051, May 1st, 2008

Unfortunately, EMI never cared to reboost the Beatles' catalog and it's been more than 20 years. The remastered-Super Audio CDs-DVD Audio catalog of the Fab Four is long overdue, and the fans who have the equipment and the vinyls in excellent condition were able to give ther rest of us... magic.

Google is your friend, as the magazine says. Search Purple Chick Megaupload. You will need a FLAC file decoder (like the dBPoweramp) to decode the FLAC files and turn them into WAV files and once like that, you can burn them on CD's, without any loss of quality. Sweet!

You will also need lots of patience since EMI and the Recording Industry are closing some of the blogs and pages that connect to Purple Chick material. Here in CacaoRock we don't endorse piracy at all, but in the case of these masterpieces, excellently remastered and sounding like the Beatles really intened, we encourage you to get them. At least until EMI decides to release the remastered Beatles work, Purple Chick's entire collection makes it for us. Thank you, Girl.