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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Second Sono Radio Vinyl Hour! Brought to you by Empresa Sono Radio, S.R.L. and Evoca.

This time I picked some very obscure tracks. So obscure even the obscure couldn't find right away. Let's take a look at the playlist:

  1. Dimitri From Paris: "Live Jazz (Masters At Work Mix)" Dimitri from Paris, that DJ who sometimes offers us masterpieces like "Sacre Francais," gets the MAW percussion treatment. Great tune for warming up and get ready for a full night of heavy dancing. Workout! From the This Is Your Life Maxi Single of 2004.

  2. Dregs: "Cruise Control" Featuring Steve Morse, the current guitar man of Deep Purple. This is a single from 1982.

  3. David Lee Roth: "Coconut Grove" It's very rare to find DLR being this smooth and meditative. From his EP Crazy From The Heat, 1984.

  4. Paul Davidson: "Rhinestone Cowboy" From a promo single of 1976.

  5. Ali Thomson: "Live Every Minute" From a promo single, 1980.

  6. Crusaders: "Street Life (Short Version)" Great FM tune, found on a compilation vinyl called Star Fire or something like that, released in 1980. They cut the tracks shamelessy.

  7. Spandau Ballet: "Only When You Leave (12" Mix)" From the 1984 Maxi Single

  8. Dennis Brown: "Foul Play (Mono)" From a promo single of 1981.

  9. Miami Sound Machine: "Bad Boy (Dub Mix)" From the 1985 Maxi Single.

  10. Falco: "Rock Me Amadeus (American Mix)" From the 1985 single

  11. April Wine: "Tonite (Mono)" From a promo single of 1979.

  12. Wet Willie: "Everything That You Do (Will Come Back To You)" From a promo single of 1976.

  13. M/A/R/R/S: "Pump Up The Volume" from the Bright Lights, Big City soundtrack of 1986.

  14. Pat Metheny: "Daybreak" From New Chautauqua, 1979.

Hope you enjoy and discover these artists of the past and make them of the present.


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