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Thursday, February 14, 2008

(Kling Klang/ Capitol, 1981)

It was natural, back in 1981, that Kraftwerk would come up with a follow-up of their 1978 album Man Machine with a follow-up subject: the computarization and potential de-humanization of society. A celebration and a warning for what could happen if you abuse of the power of the microprocessor, where the Ying and Yang of everything lies now.

The German quartet presented a clean, analog electronic production divided in two (as it used to be with the two sides of an LP): the first, an electronic poem about how computers influenced Germany -and the World- as a whole group. The second, the pros and cons of the computer's influence in our personal relationships: love, affection, personal development. The title Computer World is not gratuite and the sounds produced by Kraftwerk can't be more electronic, cold, static and soulless. That's why this album is a classic.

If you think that Kraftwerk wasn't being prophetic at the time, it's ok, go on and buy the record, then you can go and check your bank account to see if the money was deducted. After that, you can go to and create your own profile to find a perfect match to go out on a date and show them the record you purchased via the internet. Later, if you're a scammer, you could steal some identities by hacking some PCs and buy thousands of dollars in home furnitures or scuba diving equipment.

"Pocket Calculator"

"Computer World" opens the first part of this super album with the classic Kraftwerk pulse and melody, only this time it's accelerated, fun, and way more attractive, suitable for the 80's, 90's and 00's. Timeless. A few words get sung through a vocoder: Interpol and Deutsche Bank, FBI & Scotland Yard, Business, Numbers, Money, People, Crime, Travel, Communication, Entertainment, Computer World. After the last word is said, we get the sweetest relief: we have joined the computerized revolution. And it still goes on! "Pocket Calculator," makes fun of the little devices we own -and pay a monthly fee for- to make us feel connected, in control, and belong to a group for protection. Then, "Numbers" counts up to four in German, Italian and Mandarin, creating a creepy atmosphere some listeners can find annoying up to a point, but that's exactly the idea: Kraftwerk is telling us Technology makes us dependable, not independent. Alienated, not communicated. Prisioners, not free people. And that's a vicious circle it's been going since forever. It will reach our personal lives in "Computer Love" and "Home Computer," where we look for love, happiness, and fulfillment with the help of digital signals decoded in machines like the one you have in front.

Kraftwerk, from Düsseldorf, Germany, rarely plays in the U.S. and ironically they're very, very reclusive and sensitive regarding interviews and communications with the outside world. Even thought they use electronic devices to produce haunting and pounding music that influenced practically every dance act of the 80's, they don't produce too many records per year and an appearence of them should be more than a celebration. With Computer Love, Kraftwerk reached the top of their career, but for me they never cared about development; they just showed us how the World is, with lots of pulses and computerized melodies.


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