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Monday, December 24, 2007

What: Sting closing the Amnesty International festival: "Desde Chile: Un Abrazo A La Esperanza" (from Chile: Embracing Hope)
Where: Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile.
When: October 13, 1990.
How: A Mega concert that included Luz Casal, Jackson Browne, Inti Illimani, New Kids On The Block, Ruben Blades and Sinéad O'Connor.
Why: Pinochet's Army Government gave up power earlier in 1990 after 17 years of dictatorship. Try throwing a concert like this one during his regime, in the same place, and see what happens.
It is true: Joan Manuel Serrat, the Spanish singer-songwriter, was stopped at the Santiago Airport and denied to enter the country earlier, in March, before the transition. Sting, Sinead O'Connor, Peter Gabriel and the others arrived to Chile no problem later that October...
Who played with Sting: Dominic Miller: Guitar, Kenny Kirkland: Keyboards, Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums, Sting: Bass. Sinéad O'Connor, Peter Gabriel: Vocals. Inti Illimani: Pan pipes. Sting's band was recording, at that time, The Soul Cages, maybe Sting's most sad album about the death of his father.

The entire Sting show's here:

Message In A Bottle:

Driven To Tears:

King Of Pain:

Children's Crusade:

Spirits In The Material World:

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free:

Don't Give Up (featuring Sinéad O'Connor and Peter Gabriel):

Biko (featuring Peter Gabriel):

Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around:

Mariposa Libre (Little Wing)/ From Me To You:

Tea In The Sahara:

Walking On The Moon:

Every Breath You Take:


Roxanne/ Get Up Stand Up:

Ellas Danzan Solas (They Dance Alone) (Cueca Solo):

What the Peruvian Press had to say (Expreso, 10/15/1990):

Special thanks to
Javier Lishner for the precious newspaper cuts and his help in the making of this post.



Javier Lishner said...

Sen-sa-cio-nal. Me llevó un par de noches ver todos los videos, pero valió la pena. Felicitaciones por la recopilación de material videográfico de una buena época de la música, que felizmente pudo llegar a Latinoamérica.

Un abrazo,


Anonymous said...

que paso con los videos en youtube del concierto?? si no los puedes volver a postear, sabes si hay alguna manera de adquirir una copia del concierto?

Javier Moreno-Pollarolo said...

Estimado Anónimo,

Lamentablemente no los puedo volver a postear, puesto que YouTube, en la aleatoria y poco comprensible actitud matonesca que los caracteriza, decidió retirarlos so excusa de violación de derechos de autor (algo así como cuando dejan en paz otros posts pro-violencia, o videos de torturas pero retiran uno que tenga un pezón femenino).

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