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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In 2001 I bought a copy of the companion book for the BBC TV series "Dancing In The Streets" written by Robert Palmer (unfortunately, out of print in the U.S.)

At the the book's last pages there was a series of lists on Rock and Roll milestones: top 10 albums, top ten dance singles... etcetera. The last one was an empty field for you to put your top ten, your favorite ones, your Desert Island CD's. The best music in the world is what you consider the best, not what people tell you what is. It's contradictory, but in blogs like mine you will find suggestions, invitations, not mandatory listenings or such. That would be

I didn't think twice and started writing down whatever came to my mind first. What I have heard from the last 15 years that I really, really loved.

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