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Friday, April 10, 2009

For me, there's no party without music. That's for sure. The way music is played in a party has a more intense effect than anything else in it, being food, girls (or boys in other people's case) or location.

But I want to recall one wonderful party I attended more than four years ago in San Francisco. The story is pretty funny: On that particular saturday night I knew there was a party going on somewhere in Oakland and I was trying to get invited. I called this girl named Jae who knew the organizers and asked if I could go. She said no, that this was girls-night-only. Then I called my friend Nikki to asked her if she was going to that party. She said yeah, and also added the fact that Jae didn't want to invite me for some reason. Nikki said, "I'm sorry but she invited me and I'm going."

I was a little bit hurt but also pissed at Jae. I never talked to her again and she kinda drifted away from my group of friends. Good riddance.

That saturday I worked till 9 PM at my then horrible retail work and I knew I would end up locked up in my bedroom for the rest of the evening. Then, my good friend Clint called me saying there was a Party in San Francisco thrown by a friend of an ex-roomate he had. He asked me if I wanted to go. I said, ok, cool... We'll see what we find. He picked me at work on his van and we crossed the Bay Bridge.

The party was around Alamo Square. I honestly didn't expect a party like the one I found. It was awesome. For starters, it was Black History Month and the party was Black themed to the bone: soul food, fried chicken, ribs, cajun, and of course, the real food of the soul: Music.

Esther Williams: "Last Night Changed It All"

Roy Ayers: "Aragon"

Deodato: "Super Strut"

The DJ really spun his records good. Good ol' Vinyl, like the stuff we like around here.

The DJ of the party turned out to be Kevin O'Dea, the former guitar player of Brownbaggin', an Oakland Funk Band that I happened to see a couple of times after the party. (You can see him on the left playing with his new band the Grease Traps.) Tell me, by listening to the music I put here, at what party can you have more fun with music like this?

The night was awesome and I think with the fun, the music and the chicks that hung around, I will never have as much fun as this one.