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Monday, June 11, 2007

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A selection of favorite tunes rescued from the clutches of analog audio scratches, digitally restored for pleasant listening. I've been really busy restoring oldies here lately. I really hope you guys like this podcast!

This podcast will be available for approximately 6 months from the date of posting. If you can't play it, please email me so I can re-post it or send it to you by email.

The Sono Radio Vinyl Hour tunes are:

1. Rob Wasserman Featuring Ricki Lee Jones: "The Moon Is Made Of Gold"

Ricki Lee Jones plays acoustic guitar and sings with the great Rob Wasserman on bass. from his 1988 LP Duets, the second of a trilogy composed of this LP, plus Solo and Trios.

2. Orquesta Mondragón: "Lola, Lola"

Javier Gurruchaga, lead singer and absolute leader of a group of clowns-freaks-rockers that's full of energy. This tune's about a high class prostitute who won't accept small change for a little bit of love.

3. Steve Miller Band: "Baby's Calling Me Home"

Written by Boz Scaggs and featured on SMB's first album, 1968's Children Of The Future. A romantic and haunting tune about making up.

4. Ventures: "Memphis"

An instrumental version of Chuck Berry's "Memphis, Tennessee," played with gusto and sensibility by the Tacoma, WA quartet. The tale of a father trying to get a hold of her 6 year old daughter on the phone after a nasty divorce gets the instrumental treatment and the spirit of the song remains intact.

5. Barrabas: "Wild Safari"

Barrabas was a 70's Spanish group that surfed the wave created by bands like Santana and Malo. They shifted from latin funk to disco seamlessy and their influence can be found in lots of groups nowadays, including our favorite, Amigos Invisibles. "Wild Safari" is from their debut album of the same title. Música Caliente.

6. Matt Bianco: "Half A Minute"

Matt Bianco wasn't a singer but a group, where nobody had that name. Their first album featured Basia on vocals and even tho she didn't write a line, she stole the show in tunes like this one.

7. Sky: "Tuba Smarties"

From Sky's second album, released in 1980, comes this funny surprise. How can you entertain a jazz rock loving crowd with a tuba?

8. Romeo Void: "Never Say Never"

Ultra classic tune of the 80's.

9. Maria Rosa Yorio - "Tan Solo Por Hablar"

This tune and Sumo's belong to an argentinian vinyl called Remix - Dance, in which 1986's hottest artists featured dance mixes of their hits. María Rosa Yorio has one of the most beautiful voices out of Argentina, and this tune is a daring approach to dance synth pop. Something she never tried before.

10. Sumo: "Viejos Vinagres"

The late italian Luca Prodan led this Argentinian band singin' about social struggle. Bitter old men is not about, er, bitter old people but whoever rules the economy and social standards.

11. Depeche Mode: "I Just Can’t Get Enough"

You just know about this tune. You know who they are. However, do you know this long album version? I'm sure you don't.

12. Eddy Grant: "Boys In The Street"

Totally underrated, Eddy Grant's song about gang violence might sound like he's refeering to gay sex; but it isn't. It is a desperate cry for help to come out but not from a closet but from poverty, ignorance and crime.

13. Smiths: "Ask"

Speaking of gayness... Morrisey!

14. Martín Torres: "Papas Calientes"

Took me almost 2 months to restore an 11-LP box of tangos called Alma De Bandoneón, from which I took this guitar track.

15. Real Thing: "Can You Feel The Force?"

The force of Vinyl. The reason why DJs carry the weight of vinyl boxes and they play their asses off in every night club. This tune is, really, one of the most uplifting songs you will ever hear.


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