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Friday, June 29, 2007

(Atco, 1960)
Bobby Darin

He was, in my personal opinion -a very personal opinion-, a unique case in popular music. A chameleon who swinged between rock and easy-listening music with big bands, tuxedos, martinis and a lot of class.

Mr. Darin lived a fast life, because he already knew he was about to die in any moment. His rheumatic fever was killing him from the inside, but all his fans looked and listened to him like nothing bad was going on. Well, This album proves that sometimes "pretending" can get you to the real thing. In 1960, Darin was at the top of his professional career as an entertainer. He always took the music business seriously, and in the meantime he had fun with it because time was running out. In this collection of songs, he reinvents "Clementine" and Duke Ellington's "Caravan", and he shows his most heartful voice -a sad declaration of love to the departing girlfriend, but ironic in a ceirtain way- in "Don't Dream of Anybody but me", the best performance of Darin ever and the only reason you may have to go and buy this album.

Atlantic Records released this album in 1960, the perfect Vegas year for Bobby, and for the good old swinging gang of youngsters who were about to experience the most dramatic revolution in music ever four years later.