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Friday, June 29, 2007

(Atco, 1960) Bobby Darin
He was, in my personal opinion -a very personal opinion-, an unique case in popular music. A chameleon who swinged between rock and roll and easy listening music with big bands, tuxedos, beautiful girls, martinis and a lot of class. Mr. Darin lived a fast life, because he already knew he was about to die in any moment. His reumathic fever was killing him from the inside, but all his fans looked and listened to him like nothing bad was happening. Well, This album proves that sometimes pretending can be real. Darin was in 1960 at the top of his professional career as an entertainer. He always took the music business seriously, and in the meantime, he had fun with it because the time was short for him. In this collection of songs, he reinvents "Clementine" and Duke Ellington's "Caravan", and he shows his most heartful voice -a very sad claim to love, but ironic in a ceirtain way- in "Don't Dream of Anybody but me", in my opinion the best performance of Bobby Darin ever and the only reason you may have to go and get this album. Atlantic Records released this album in 1960, the perfect Vegas year for Bobby, and the result deserves our five stars that you see at the beginning.


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