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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Usually, I don't care too much about what the tabloids might say about McCartney and my other music idols, but in this case I sense a little bit of good intentions in this warm hearted article about kiss and make-up. Instead of giving the press and the papparazzis a nasty divorce, Paul McCartney and his ex wife Heather Mills are acting like civilized human beings and having a friendly relationship. Even tho Paul is pressing Heather to stay in the U.K. instead of start a career in the U.S. (Well, that's something that is This note is taken from the May 20th edition of the U.K. tabloid News Of The World.

ON TOP is the astonishing picture you thought you'd never see in the Macca vs. Mucca divorce war.

It's a case of I Thaw Her Standing There as Sir Paul gets an ice-breaking SMILE from Heather. He lifts daughter Bea into the air to wave goodbye to Mummy after a friendly meeting at a restaurant. And today we can reveal the pair have secretly hammered out a TRUCE in their bitter multi-million-pound battle—because they are WORRIED about the effect it's having on their three-year-old. At their ten-minute summit on Friday at a London bistro they chatted amicably while Bea played—a far cry from past scenes. Just a few months ago nannies were sent to do the handovers because the child's parents couldn't stand the sight of each other.
The details of their We Can Work It Out settlement include:

A PLEDGE from Paul that his lawyers will push through a divorce deal in the next year that will leave Heather happy.
A PLAN to celebrate his 65th birthday next month TOGETHER at a special party with Bea.
A PROMISE from Heather, 39, that she'll ditch plans to forge a new career in America, easing Macca's fears she might fight to take Bea with her. A source close to the couple told us: "It's an amazing about-turn but they've both looked at their behaviour and vowed to get along for Bea's sake. They were becoming really worried that their rows and the tension between them would have an emotional effect on her.

This week Sir Paul said he felt there was light at the end of the tunnel over his divorce. "I'm going through great struggles, but I'm feeling pretty good. I have a lot of good support, particularly from my family," he said.

"In difficult moments like this, it's when a loving family shines through. We're pretty close anyway, but when you go into something difficult, it does actually bring you closer together."
He revealed how their shared love of Bea was ensuring he and Heather were giving peace a chance. "I've talked to a lot of people and everyone says you want to look at the positive ...my beautiful baby daughter," he said. "Both parents know there is something great that came out of our marriage even though it didn't work."
That was evident at Friday's rendezvous in St John's Wood. An onlooker said: "They sat there chatting away—everyone was astonished, especially considering how bitterly they've fought over their divorce. When they left they were side by side and seemed very friendly."
It was in sharp contrast to their last public meeting in October where the sour-faced pair barely spoke to each other at Bea's third birthday party.
Our source told us: "Paul has promised he'll settle the divorce by next spring and he's given her a £1 million interim payment. That's a huge relief for Heather who had debts to clear and was afraid that it would rumble on for years.


"Now she wants to do a family thing for Paul's birthday with Bea. When this was suggested a few weeks ago, Paul had a really negative view on it. But he's chilled out about things now, and is considering it.
"He does feel that as a dad it would be the right thing to do for Bea."
Heather has also set his mind at rest about moving to the US where she appeared on reality show Dancing With The Stars. "He was worried she'd try to settle there and take Bea," said our source. "But she's assured him she'll stay here."
So at last it seems the McCartneys are coming together, right now, over Bea.


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