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Friday, May 11, 2007

The following text appeared on the original Live At Carnegie Hall LP box set by Chicago (now available as a 3 CD set)

History repeating itself. In 1971 the Nixon administration was planning to win the 1972 election no matter what, and a strategy planned by "The System" (according to the unknown author of this text) was to make it very dificult for teens to register to vote after reducing the voting age to 18. Chicago At Carnegie Hall featured a table of the requirements and conditions for vote registration in each U.S. state. The table was organized in rows for States and columns for the conditions:

Register by this Deadline, or You Can't Vote In your Primary Election
Register by this Deadline, or You Can't Vote in The Nov. 1972 General Election
Here's how long you have to live in your state, county and precint before they'll let you vote
You have to be 18 by this date to vote in the primary and general elections
Can you register "absentee" by mail?
If all this looks weird and you want to know MORE, here's who you write or phone for information from your state.

With all those complications for teens, it was easy for Nixon to win. Sounds familiar?