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Here at CacaoRock we have been translating technical papers, accounting and financial texts, software, immigration certificates, adoption letters, books, movie scripts and official foreign documents for a long time. We even worked translating documents for the military and creating movie subtitles! What is so special about our English to Spanish translations? Our localization skills. Besides our accuracy, we are able to apply to these translations the neutralism of standard Spanish or specific Spanish-speaking countries. For more information about our rates, our previous work experience and how can we help you, contact us via email at or visit our profile page.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I just started a new line of apparel and accessories with your favorite Classic Rock lover, Cacaorock! I'm going to be selling t-shirts, mugs, buttons and other parafernalia for you to use them! Here are some samples of what we are going to be offering at this store. Coming soon: Exclusive designs and artwork are going to be offered at this store only.
Thank you very much for your support!
Take a look at some of our items:

Cacao and Don Firulo's Long sleeve shirt
Rock and Roll? What an ugly music style, my boy!
CacaoRock's own postage!

Loco Disco's fist for this cheapo's shirt
My fist's nickname is "Michael Jacksons' Thriller," it's ugly, scares you and makes you dance.

Cleo's waiting for an oldies' dance.
Candidates to steal Cleopatra's heart: "Don't Blame It On That Girl" by Matt Bianco, and "Dr. Beat" by Miami Sound Machine. Johnny Hates Jazz, but Cleo doesn't.
Cleopatra's expression of lack of coffee.
So far this is one of the most popular designs: a PMS'ing-caffeine-craving Cleopatra going at it at poor Emilio Cacao.

Celebrate Italy's triumph at the World Cup, 1982.
Do you know they also won in 2006?

Pets and patience. My major lacks
I'm sure I'm not the only one. This is great for girls, as you can see.
Cacao Thong!
Cacao can't be called a "passion killer" with this sexy piece of cloth. Great for parties with "panty remover" drinks.

You tell me about dating russian women, Cacao
Former Soviet Union: Thank you.

Trucker Hat? No way! Rocker Hat!
They will know you know about Classic Rock. They will want to know more!
Check the store for more items!