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Here at CacaoRock we have been translating technical papers, accounting and financial texts, software, immigration certificates, adoption letters, books, movie scripts and official foreign documents for a long time. We even worked translating documents for the military and creating movie subtitles! What is so special about our English to Spanish translations? Our localization skills. Besides our accuracy, we are able to apply to these translations the neutralism of standard Spanish or specific Spanish-speaking countries. For more information about our rates, our previous work experience and how can we help you, contact us via email at or visit our profile page.

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Now tell me, come on, tell me history doesn't repeat itself.

April 1970: Paul McCartney, criticized for just being himself, breaks up with the Beatles (or gets kicked out by John Lennon, depending on what side you're in) and releases his first solo album, McCartney (Apple, 1970.) On the back cover of the LP, a picture of him holding his first daughter, newborn Mary McCartney. Photo taken by Mary's mom, Linda Eastman McCartney.

September 2006: Tom Cruise, criticized for just being himself, breaks up with Paramount (or gets kicked out by Paramount's CEO, depending on what side you're in) and is featured in a Vanity Fair pictorial (out next tuesday.) On the front cover of the magazine, he is holding his first daughter, newborn Suri, next to Suri's mom, actress Katie Holmes. Picture by Anne Leibovitz.

That would be something... meet you in the pouring rain, mama! tan, tan... tan-tan-tan, tan...

Yeah, I know, I should go to bed soon...