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Saturday, July 1, 2006

It's hard for me to write about this piece of the past that only me and just me understands and feels. Once upon a time there was the perfect radio station for me. Broadcasting from Arica's Mull, Radio Sol featured the coolest music and the most amazing DJ voices. Radio Sol, somehow, created an influence in my way of speaking when I create the little podcasts more and more people enjoy every week. Thank you, and thank you Radio Sol.

The station was owned by the Northern Catholic University of Chile, and it started broadcasting on January 1990. Arica and Iquique, two of the most upper-northern cities of Chile, listened to it every day during, at least, six years. In 1998 or 1999, Radio Sol stopped their broadcast in Arica and moved to Iquique with a different format, something more actual and less retro. But hell, Radio Sol had Sunday specials any top radio station would love to feature. It was in Radio Sol where I listened to Pat Metheny Group for the first time with a full-length broadcast of their 1993 live album The Road To You, where I discovered Jamiroquai with "Emergency On Planet Earth" and other sweet sounds like Holland's Ten Sharp ("You") and Robin S ("Lots Of Love".) I just wish you guys were listening.

They would play Al Stewart, Wings, Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Alan Parsons Project, Queen and make specials with lots of gusto and elegance. They knew what they were talking about and their voices were so soothing and intelligent you wouldn't think they were from South America. Radio Sol was like a haven for Classic Rock fans who wouldn't mind discover new artists, not only new but good.

It makes me sad to see what Radio Sol has turned into now. Cheesy music and religious messages on Saturday mornings. Most important of all, its signal doesn't reach my hometown of Tacna, Peru, anymore. The magic of growing into my twenties and discovering amazing music by the beautiful beach of Boca Del Rio.

The message of Radio Sol reached me and made me realize how vast the music can be, and how it can easily cross borders, destroy prejudices and eliminate differences between people. Radio Sol was the equivalent of XERF, the Mexican radio station where Wolfman Jack introduced rock and roll to an American society afraid of 100000 watts of power.

Since I wish everybody had the magic of that sound, and accepting that I still carry the Radio Sol badge in my voice, I hope you guys like the tribute podcast I made for July 4, 2006. Enjoy: www.evoca.com/cacaorock

Podcast Tracklist:

1. Rick Astley - "Whenever You Need Somebody" (from the album of the same name, RCA, 1987)
2. Propaganda - "Duel" (from the album Secret Wish, ZTT, 1985)
3. Tulio de Piscopo - "Stop Bajon (Primavera)" (from the album E I Miei Grandi Successi, Trii, 1998)
4. Loco Mía - "África" (from the album Loco Vox, Hispavox, 1991)
5. DJ Ottavio Sara - Minimix Italia Anni 60 (Mix of Italian hits of the sixties that include: a. Nico Fidenco - "Con Te Sulla Spiaggia", b. Paul Anka - "Ogni Volta", c. Edoardo Vianello - "Abbronzattisima", d. Edoardo Vianello - "I Wattussi". Available on demand at
6. Alan Parsons Project - Time (from the album The Turn Of A Friendly Card, Arista, 1980)
7. Plastic Bertrand - Ça Plan Pour Moi (from the album Ça Plan Pour Moi, Sire, 1978)
8. Beatles - Dizzy Miss Lizzy (from the album Help!, 1965)
9. Police - Can't Stand Losing Reggatta: medley: a. Can't Stand Losing You (from the album Outlandos D'Amour, A&M, 1978) b. Reggatta De Blanc (from the album Reggatta De Blanc, A&M, 1979)
10. End Of Transmission.


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