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Sunday, July 9, 2006

A VSP (Very Special Podcast)

I am uploading a double one this time: 92 minutes of oldies. So old they look new when we discover them for the first time. After asking ourselves what happened with Radio Sol, we ask... what happened with our memories?

Let's find out: Someone's memories can be your new favorite songs...

1. Tequila - "Me Vuelvo Loco" (from the album Rock And Roll, 1979)
2. Shakers - "Break It All" (from the album Shakers, 1965)
3. Loco Mía - "Loco Mía" (from the album Taiyo, 1989)
4. Edoardo Vianello - "Guarda Come Dondolo" (1962 Single, from the album I Grandi Successi, 1991)
5. David Dundas - "Jeans On" (1976 Single)
6. Club Naval - "Aún" (1984 Single)
7. Ten Sharp - "You" (1993 Single)
8. Two Man Sound - "Qué Tal, América?" (from the album Disco Samba, 1979)
9. Donna Summer - "The Wanderer" (from the album The Wanderer, 1981)
10. Miki González - "Dímelo, Dímelo" (from the album Puedes Ser Tú, 1985)
11. Buckner & Garcia - "Pac-Man Fever" (1982 Single)
12. Barrabás - "Hi-Jack" (from the album Soltad A Barrabás, 1974)
13. Raffaella Carrá - "Io Non Vivo Senza Te" & "A Far L'Amore Comincia Tú" (1978, available on the album Tutto Carrá, 1999)
14. Pino Daniele Featuring Pat Metheny - "Je So' Pazzo" (date unavailable)
15. Ottawan - "Haut Les Mains" (1979 Single)
16. Wax - "Right Between The Eyes" (12" Extended Version, Originally from the album Magnetic Heaven, 1985)
17. Katunga - "Mirá Para Arriba, Mirá Para Abajo" (1972 Single)

Thanks to Fernando "Champero" Meza, Mario Vinatea and Oswaldo Damián.


Oswaldo said...

Mira a qué alturas uno se viene a enterar de la mención honorífica en tu blog...

Para la próxima avisa pues !!!!!