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Monday, January 25, 1999

On the beginning there was nothing. Just blackness and white noise. It wasn't either good or bad because nobody could feel anything. Nobody was there. All of a sudden, everything exploded so violently and sounds and shapes were created. We are talking about the Big Bang. The big Rock and Roll bang. It expanded dramatically and made waves of millions of dollars and created gold idols and clay ones. Thanks to records, cassettes, compact discs and, ehem, MP3s and iPods, music keeps coming and coming all over again. Silly love songs.

Rock and Roll was like rice, it was all over, and it combined with other foods perfectly. Rock and Roll diversifies itself, and finds niches in certain geographical parts you wouldn't ever think it would be. It is a phenomena caused by the people of the U.S., the black culture, the blues and jazz and of course us. You and I, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley. John Lennon said it best: "Everybody is a member of Plastic Ono Band."

This blog is about rock, jazz, blues and its chances to reach to World Music. It's about my personal experiences with music. It's about my life, in a way for everybody to enjoy new music and not to mess around with my private life. This is the continuation of my work for several other publications, without the interference of third-party editors.

CacaoRock was created with the purpose of not keeping track of what’s trending now but what was trending before and elsewhere. For what’s going on now we have lots of websites, TV, radio, magazines and newspapers.

It is my website. It’s more about me than anything else because I am the recepient of all this fantastic music that goes around in record stores, garage sales and live venues and I want you to hear, discover, search and share as well.

I believe Rock And Roll as a way of life is pretty much dead now, and nowadays there’s not too much of a movement, of real idols and frontmen who could express an open, free opinion about society. We left things to happen and didn’t take action and we saw the consequences. In 1999 I never thought I would see and experience real dangers like global warming (which exists) and the economic collapse of the U.S. I never thought a president like Bush would be elected with the majority of the popular vote in 2004.

And they ask me why I keep living in the past! No, I’m not. Is that I don’t care what the modern top chart artists have to say. If we step back and look at the single timeline of hits, we find out the real rock and roll star age died on a single day: when Kurt Cobain shoot himself. After that, no real, struggling musicians were able to express their opinions and sing about us. We saw a parade of mediocre artists, one worse than the previous one, claiming they were the best thing ever. There was a band called Oasis that claimed to be greater than the Beatles. Can you believe it?

CacaoRock tries to shine a light on those forgotten artists who really sang the blues, played their chops, and gave us that heart-pumping feeling with great songs.

What do you have to do? Enjoy, and learn a little bit of spanish. When I started this site I never thought I would reach a wider audience than the Spanish–Latin American one, but I guess English is our modern day Esperanto.

You will find a lot of articles about The Beatles, The Police, Pink Floyd, Pat Metheny and Steely Dan. It’s ok, they’re my favorite artists and if this site is about me, I’m gonna be talking about them as well.

And of course, don't forget my comics. Sometimes I look at them and I think they suck big time. I never took any art classes, and I’m colorblind. But then I realize these drawings are also what I have to express, what I can do, and I learn to fall in love with them again. Not only that, I wish I had time to re-work on them and give them higher qualities.

Concerts, my comics on the adventures of the Great Emilio Cacao and of course, lots of album reviews and music essays are posted here. It's about my continuing journey throught the sounds of the world. Welcome to CacaoRock, the last outpost of that kind of music you thought it was forgotten, but it wasn't. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Excelsior. Así es como es.